Easy, Local Organic Gardening for a Sustainable Future! For 30 years, Farmer Dave Rose has been developing and nurturing his love for farming and gardening into an easy to understand e-book that any person with no prior experience can excel with. You can get yourself from a "Consumer" to a "Producer" in no time!

You will learn about:

  • Garden Planning
  • Green Houses
  • Organic Seeds
  • Composting
  • Irrigation
  • Garden tools
*Available in PDF, Kindle & E Pub

"When I wanted to learn about starting my own organic garden, I turned to Farmer Dave. His knowledge and easy to understand "Victory Garden" ebook, with step-by-step instructions made my project possible.

I am excited to begin eating my own fresh, home-created, organic produce for my dinner table! Thanks David for an amazing product that even a non-green thumb like me could comprehend and implement!"

Jill Stevens, South Florida

"Victory Garden is an exciting new movement that encourages beginner or expert level gardeners to go outside and grow incredible food. This book is compact and has all the tips to make gardening simple; and, more importantly, healthy for you and your family.

This is a great reference guide to have for years and years, and it's worth every penny in terms of the experience and guidance from Farmer Dave."

Kelly Paetow, Houston Texas

Here are just a few reasons why you should look into local gardening:
  • Fresh, clean food that you lovingly grow yourself!
  • Save money!
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Natural Disasters/Economic
  • Connect with nature.
  • Teach children the blessings and joys of agriculture.
  • Get some of that exercise you need!
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About Farmer Dave

We have been homesteading for the last 30 years in a remote valley in the mountains of Northern California. Living simply in what some people would call a Permaculture Homestead. Our Family Garden web site and "Victory Garden eBook" are designed to help you create a beautiful and abundant garden.

After 20 years with no form of communication to the outside world we got a computer and satellite Internet which we power with a combination of solar and hydro power. This has enabled me to develop my "Victory Garden" eBook and web site in hopes that I can help inspire and teach you to live your dreams in a sustainable and earth friendly way.

Living on a beautiful river we are growing about 80 % of our food in large organic gardens. We raise a milk cow, some goats, a steer and some chickens. Living close to the earth and the seasonal cycles has given us a great appreciation for the food we eat and the need to grow our food in an earth friendly, animal friendly way.

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to raise my children on our homestead farm. They don't wonder where their food comes from and they sure can tell the difference in taste and quality of our home grown food compared to what we buy in the store when we are out visiting friends.

Get the eBook now!

The eBook – You Will Learn:

  • Easy Planting Formula
  • Step By Step Quick Guide
  • Crucial Gardening Advise
  • Easy Composting Instructions
  • Basics Of Permaculture
  • Garden Planting Calendar
  • Month By Month Garden Plan
  • Best Garden Tools and Supplies
  • Organic Garden Seeds
  • Preparing And Feeding The Soil
  • Planting Your Garden
  • Container Gardening
  • Harvesting And Preserving Tips and Techniques
  • Preventing Pests And Diseases
  • Climate Charts
  • Mistakes We Have Made And Will Never Make Again
*Available in PDF, Kindle & E Pub