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My name is Lenny Sanchez. I am the Audio Engineering and Producer for Karinita Records.

Education: Digital Music Production Certificate, Algonquin College.

Music Production Diploma, Dominican Republic

Audio Editing, Restoration, Assembly of music, dialog and sound effects, composition, arranging studio recording, producing like sound recording and pre-Mastering.

Group and Individual Percussion Courses offered for all ages. Call us for a FREE consultation and estimate today!

A detailed estimate for all your musical projects will be provided. A free studio visitation will also be granted.

latest productions

Lenny / Voyeur

Merengue Urbano
Arrengement de Danny bedar
By Karinita-Records

El chico (S) ft ElProductor (Mujeres venir)

Merengue Urbano
Que se venga pa mi party
By Karinita-Records